Hanalei Vacation Rental Perfect for Families

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Hale Naninoa is just across from iconic Hanalei Bay with ocean sunset and mountain waterfall views – a perfect family vacation rental with room for up to 11 guests.

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Hale Naninoa means “beautifully free.” Chill on the lanai. Relax on the soft beach. Stroll the bohemian town. Ride the perfect waves. Enjoy paradise on your own schedule.

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Food, surf, hikes, tours, shops — there’s so much to do in Hanalei!

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Hale Naninoa provides the perfect home for your stay in Hanalei.

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  • The Mountains and Waterfalls of Hanalei

    August 16, 2019 by

    Hanalei is cradled in the vast arms of three storybook mountains. Many things come together to give Hanalei such a magical sense of place, and these waterfall laden mountains set the stage. They are an impossibly dramatic curtain wrapping the town with a powerful vision of the ‘aina, the land, that strikes awe in anyone… Read more

  • Ten Reasons To Love Hanalei

    June 18, 2019 by

    There’s so much to love in Hanalei. The Vibe. The Beach. The Town. The Surf. The Mountains. The Waterfalls. The Green. The Rainbows. Na Pali. Aloha.

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Your host Kahealani of premiere property manager Hawai’i Life welcomes you to the vacation of a lifetime.

Come feel beautifully free at Hale Naninoa.
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Hale Naninoa – A Hanalei vacation rental home located right on the bay.

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